Some bigger ladies gor you guys. Feel free to submit and email me your sexy stuff. If you are 18 or older

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Send me your BBW

Luscious Ladies

Big Beautiful Babes

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Send me your selfie

So if your 18 or older send me your sexy, dirty stuff pictures, videos, letter, questions. Lets have some fun

Also check me out on Fetlife Or you can email me at If you submit by email put the blog name in the subject.
Anonymous asked
Is there anything in particular you like to see in submissions

No we are happy with any thing. We like nudes. But they don’t have to be. Some thing sexy.

Anonymous asked
You should have a pose competition!! It'd be fun!!!!

Like what?

Anonymous asked
Can we just submit on tumblr instead of sending through email?also can they be anon?

Yes you can and yes you can any way you want to send them.